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Other planetary aspects mentioned below also point to concern about chemicals like pesticides, plastic packaging and growth hormones. Then there are the effects of genetically modified foods, excessive amounts of sugar, and even more suspect practices of multinational food corporations. Sun quincunx Neptune brings glamour or intrigue to your life, or a delicate balance between the two.

This balancing act can also manifest as savior and victim, or saint and sinner. Neptune rules mirrors and cameras so use these tools to improve your self-esteem if needed. Stand in front of a mirror and repeat positive affirmations.

If you feel guilt or shame about your body image then use your webcam of iPhone and get naked. No one has to see or know about it. With Ceres ruling food and diet, the quincunx aspect to Neptune brings the potential for imbalances in health and hygiene. A healthy ego requires a healthy body, so clean living, a healthy diet and exercise are most important. Neptune could make you more sensitive to poisoning from food and the environment.

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Take precautions to avoid infection, food poisoning and overdose. Poisoning at the spiritual level may also affect your relationships. It is important to surround yourself with positive energy. If you hang around losers and junkies then you could easily morph into one. Sun square Pluto increases your need to be in control, but can also lead to ego conflicts with other powerful people or authority figures. A crisis or conflict could lead to extreme or destructive behavior. Bullying, threats or intimidation could force you into a corner, where you have to either defend your position or make a major change.

Such intense experiences may trigger deeply buried psychological issues involving fears of death, losing control, abuse or persecution. This will help you evolve and let things go, relax and feel less threatened. This transformation or rebirth and will leave you with a greater sense of inner power. You can then channel your intensity into success through ambition and hard work. Ceres square Pluto could expose the dirty tricks that multinational food, drug and chemical corporations use profit from bad health.

This could include toxins in the food chain from pesticides and herbicides, the effects of genetically modified plants and animals, excess sugar and artificial food additives.

The Full Hunter's Moon: Full Moon for October | The Old Farmer's Almanac

Other possibilities include power plays and ego conflicts over child custody, the abuse of power by employers relating to working mothers, and the marginalization of single parents by the Church and State. The list below shows only minor fixed stars surround New Moon October but it does lay within Virgo Constellation. The Flying Fish gives a quick mind, activity, emotion, imagination and poetical or artistic ability.

The October 8 new moon conjunct Ceres and quincunx Neptune makes it very similar to the January 31 lunar eclipse. So like the lunar eclipse, this new moon will focus your attention on the rights and conditions of women in traditional families, single women, working women and single parents.

Trust and faith in yourself and in your belief system is again important in dealing with these ongoing issues. The Libra new moon square Pluto will likely intensify existing problems. You may have to deal with extreme or controlling behavior, conflict and drama that forces to face your fears. Pluto may also complicate or deepen other Ceres and Neptune issues, especially relating to your health. A complete transformation may be needed to improve your health.

This could include investigations to find the cause of symptoms and seeking help for mental and physical health problems. This is a good new moon for starting a new diet or exercise program.

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Your body and mind may be due for a good detoxification. This is the right time to cut all things from your life that are unhealthy. Scorpio season opens toward the end of the month, with a new moon that asks us to have faith in the future even when things feel frustrating. October wraps up with a Mercury retrograde, so keep in mind that many of the plans and ideas you come up with this month will be reworked.

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Happy solar return, Libra! Read your monthly horoscope here. Your season is almost here, Scorpio! Your work is important to you, and October is a big month for your public life. Your ruling planet Uranus brings surprises this month! Finally, a break from September's confusion! A full moon in your sign is here, Aries!