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In general, it will speak of our appearance and instinctive nature, our physical strength, health, shape, body, and energy, giving each and every one of us a special stamp that should always be taken into consideration while we observe the traits of our Sun sign. We will often stumble upon individuals who diminish Astrology on the basis of inability to divide all humans into only 12 categories.

If we only add the Ascendant to this equation, the number rises to combinations and categories of division.

Saturn in Pisces – Saturn in Meena Rashi - Vedic Astrology

And this is just the beginning, for the position of its ruler in a sign, in aspects and with its disposition, lifts the personalization and the purpose of Astrology to an entirely different level. The first house is the basic connection we have to our body and the incarnation we are in at the moment. This is exactly why it is the most important window into our world of karmic debt and represents the level of ease or hardship we have to go through in order to evolve in this lifetime.

If one has a challenge seen through planets set in the first house or its ruler, it becomes obvious that they have a task to resolve and a debt to repay while in this body. Each positive aspect, or a planet in its strong dignity, will speak of gifts we have gathered in previous lifetimes or through our family tree, whatever your chosen perspective.

The important thing to understand here is that there are no bad aspects or positions. Even though certain things can steal a lot of our energy, make us exhausted, depressed or weak, every challenge carries an enormous amount of energy released inside us once it is resolved. Fear of negative aspects simply means we have a lot left to learn, and we are not yet aware of the fact that we have already been living our challenges throughout our entire life. If your Ascendant is set in the sign of Aries, no matter if it falls on its first or last degree, it makes you an Arian.

The main challenge of this position lies in the inability to see other people as equals, have tact, care for others or accept being cared for. On an individual level, these people are represented by planet Mars.

Venus enters Scorpio

If a personal chart begins in Taurus, we see a person of earthly pleasures, in search for love, hedonism and satisfaction. Depending on the level of challenges this sign, house or Venus have, it can be a very fine position that allows us to enjoy life in full color and using all of our senses.

This speaks of an individual well-built, strong and static, and also a bit passive. With an Ascendant in Taurus you might be prone to gain weight or chase too many pleasures through self-destructive behavior. The greatest challenge for a Taurus is to accept the necessity and the beauty of change. Once recognized, it can liberate these individuals to show initiative, vigor, and when needed — fight for their satisfaction. This is someone represented by Venus.

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If one is to start their life in the body of a Gemini, they have to always stay on the move. This is a sign of spoken word, intelligence, quick experiences, change of character, and movement of all sorts. People born with this rising sign are often fast, thin, movable, unstable, and sometimes superficial. They need to stay well-informed, infiltrated in their social environment, and always have a reason to communicate or brainstorm on issues that surround them daily. Their greatest challenge is to focus on one goal, a point in space and time that gives their life purpose.

They need to find synthesis, one thing to cover all of their information, and form a well-educated opinion only after learning their inner truth. They are represented by Mercury. When the first house begins in the sign of Cancer, it is often said to be the sign of home, family and emotion. What we often fail to understand is the sensitivity of this sign and its effect on our physical body. Cancer-individuals are often pale, strongly influenced by the movements of the Moon, have a tendency to look like the food they eat, and always have a strong genetic influence on their overall health and appearance.

Their greatest challenge is hidden in strong plans, unmovable will, a healthy routine, and responsibility they have to take for the direction their own life is moving in. This is a sign ruled by the Moon. With your first house set in the sign of Leo, there is always an ego battle that has to be recognized. This is a fiery sign that gives these people bravery and the ability to show themselves in the best possible light in the most challenging of situations. They are turned to themselves, with a strong physique but little ambition to spend too much time working. Their greatest challenge is to set free of the image they create out of vanity.

They need to recognize their individuality and feel free to stand out, be different, become a rebel and think about the wellbeing of humankind.

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  • Their ruler is the King of the skies — the Sun. If your ascendant fell in the sign of Virgo, this could easily be a signal that you were born to help others. It is a sign that shows a fine physique, someone who looks like a library type, with glasses, thin hear and a strong belief system when it comes to all matters of healing.

    On the plus side, it will speak of intelligence and mental clarity. The biggest challenge of these individuals is to see the bigger picture, separate from dull details and have some faith in the greater order of things. This leads to their problems with trust and makes them vulnerable to all sorts of deception. Their ruler is Mercury. If your first house cusp is set in the sign of Libra, it is like your whole horoscope is turned upside down. This will create a person that needs to be well-dressed and well-behaved at all times, often failing to turn to physical activities and personal boundaries in relation to others.


    The greatest challenge a Libra first house has to overcome is the acceptance of anger and constructive conflict. Nevertheless, even if they are injured, they tend to heal very fast. Appearance: Mars near the ascendant gives energy and dynamism, a medium stature, athletic and strong body, large bones, greater tendency towards leanness than weight gain. It can gift a round visage, ruddy color, curling, sometimes red hair.

    Piercing eyes, confident countenance, fearless and active disposition can be the gifts of Mars as well. So, for example, Venus close to the Sun would mean that the person may use sex to succeed in career. As you can see, the qualities of Venus are abused. You will feel fulfilled in life if you learn to become a good example for others to follow. By your good example people will feel inspired and energized to change their lives. This drive to succeed independently gains you respect of others, which you love to feel.

    You like to stand out from the crowd. You are likely to study many subjects so that you are considered knowledgeable and admired by others. Sun located at a safe distance from other planets gives a native a shining and beautiful personality, lots of self-confidence and great leadership abilities.

    People tend to want to follow such leaders because they perceive light in them. Natives are likely to have clearly defined ambitions and the ability to achieve them. There is a risk of too much self-confidence and arrogance with such a placement. Although self-confidence is a good trait, one should also practice humility and try not to be domineering. There is a big need to express oneself and shine like the Sun to be adored and loved by others. He is as unique as the Sun and dislikes following other people or trends of any sort. He is in his own league. Because he is so self-confident, courageous and optimistic, he is likely to achieve great heights in his career even at a young age.

    Excellence at school, from a very early age, is very possible. He is likely to get smarter faster than other children and achieve great heights in his career very quickly. He tends to spot and seize opportunities and be generally lucky in life. Good aspects to the planets Venus and Jupiter further increase his warm personality and magnetism. Like the Sun, such individuals cannot pass unnoticed. Appearance: Sun in the first house gives a large, strong, tall and well-proportioned body; a round and large forehead, large, piercing eyes.

    It gives good health, ruddy complexion, often blond hair and the tendency of hair loss in later years. With such a placement a native is likely to look similar to his or her father; the father is likely to be a role-model. A prominent and afflicted Sun can make a person domineering, arrogant, proud, and a hater of all people. His judgement will be wrong, he will be restless and troublesome. He could become a spendrift and may become financially dependent on other people; but he will think others to owe him for the kind of person that he is.

    Behavior: Venus in the first house makes you charming, beautiful and friendly. You are likely to be sensual and have some artistic talent. You may love music, poetry and other forms of art, as well as beautiful surroundings and everything that is pretty. You like making new friends, but you also feel the need to meet the expectations of others which might make it difficult for you to accept who you really are.

    Self-acceptance is important if you want to be at peace with yourself. If Venus is positively aspected, it makes you kind-hearted and able to get along with all sorts of people. You are likely to have a great sense of style and spend quite a lot of time in taking care of your appearance. If, however, Venus has an aspect to Uranus, it can make your personal style a little strange.

    If a man has Venus in his first house, he will be gifted with some feminine qualities or it might make him into a womanizer, especially if Venus is negatively aspected. If Venus is badly aspected by Pluto, such a man may be stalked by women and experience other obsessive behaviors from them. Relationships, especially love relationships, are very important for people with this placement. They will not like to find themselves alone for a longer period of time. Although usually people with this placement are aware of their beauty, this might not be the case if Venus is badly aspected.

    So, for example, instead of seeing the whole picture, they will focus on some small thing they consider unattractive in their appearance. What mostly happens is that they just complain about their perceived unattractive qualities. Sometimes they have problems with self-esteem and raise too high standards for themselves. They usually want to be liked by everyone and suffer greatly if someone dislikes them. A possible difficulty with this placement is inactivity. You may lack motivation and ambition to achieve, and you tend to wait for things to happen without taking any action on your part.

    Appearance: Venus in the first house gives a beautiful well-shaped medium stature, fair complexion but not as fair as the one given by the Moon. It gifts beautiful eyes, round and plump face, voluminous hair.

    Issues facing Saturn in Pisces

    It gifts a well-shaped mouth, often dimples in cheeks. A bad venusian is a classic Don Juan — a person given over to sensual dissipation. If Venus is located in the Pisces sign or has an aspect to the planet Neptune, he is is likely to not see life for what it is and be unable to see his own self in real light as well. So, for example, a person might be very beautiful, but will perceive himself as unattractive. Keep in mind that Mercury takes on the qualities of planets close to it.

    Behavior: You live through your mind rather than feelings and emotions. You are quick, like variety, and are restless and always active. You love discussing ideas with others, reading books and finding out information about topics that interest you. All your life you will be learning new things to expand your knowledge. Because of your open-mindedness and the ability to adapt, you usually look younger than you really are.

    You love engagements which keep your mind active. You accept challenges that help to develop your intelligence. You process information and learn new things quicker than most people. You like to study other people and analyze their behavior. Sometimes you talk all the time without allowing others to express their opinions.

    Appearance: Mercury gives a straight, lean, tall body; high forehead, narrow and long face. It may gift a long nose and beautiful eyes. For men, a sparse beard but voluminous hair on head is something to be expected. In general, it causes long arms, fingers and hands.

    Critical Points: The First and Final Degrees of a Sign

    David Beckham has his Mercury at the last degrees of the twelfth House, thus mercurial qualities are carrying over into the first house. A bad mercurial person is a classic long-fingered thief, especially if Mercury is badly aspected by Mars. They are usually way ahead of others in thinking because their ability to think is very quick. Often, however, this ability is used for evil if Mercury is afflicted. For example, if Moon is in Capricorn, you will be able to control your emotions and will appear self-composed to the world.

    You are intuitive and sensitive to your environment. The approval of others matters to you. If something deeply upsets you, you may turn to food to heal your hurt heart. Emotional ups and downs will be considerably reduced if Moon is located in a fixed sign Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius. You are likely to go by your feeling and intuition rather than by your thought.

    You may feel what others are about, and you tend to avoid individuals that wish you ill because you feel their bad vibrations. The Moon located in the first house may make the native quite passive, unless there is a strong masculine planet located nearby or is in a positive aspect with the Moon. The behavior is likely to be quite changeable and dependable on the phases of the moon.

    Sometimes for no apparent reason the native can be moody for a few days. A man with Moon in the first house will have some feminine characteristics but not to do with sexual orientation. In general, natives with the Moon in the first house will tend to have a strong relationship with their mothers and have may some of their characteristics. They tend to be easy to manipulate and tend to like darkness and moonlight. In relationships, physical affection and the feeling of safety is very important.

    The natives tend to be romantic and are likely to buy many gifts for their lovers and show their affection in other ways. They are psychic and can understand others without talking to them. They usually get prophetic dreams. They find it hard to hide their emotions. They will prefer following others rather than having others follow them. If the Moon is afflicted, this presents danger because the natives may start following wrong people or ideologies and take on negative qualities as a result. Natives like to change their appearance and style often and tend to follow fashion trends.

    Usually one eye is larger than the other, hands are short and plump, and in general the body is likely to be plump. The native might be rather slow. A bad lunarian is someone who hates work, is very lazy, is of a changeable temperament and who has no ambition. If the Moon is badly aspected, they might be hysterical and overly emotional, and those phases will come and go with moon phase changes. I hope you enjoyed learning about the first house significance and how each planet affects your appearance.

    Transit Planets

    If you wish for me to look at your chart to analyze all the houses and what they say about the condition of different areas of your life, you can check this page for more information. Ha Ha Ha! This is truly amazing to me Simona! You have now discovered astrology! The funny thing is, that when I first came across your videos , you were going through your Christian phase.

    It was my knowledge of astrology that prevented me from reverting fully back to Christianity.. There was no place for it, since christians condemn it!. For a time this was source of inner conflict for me. At one point I was even considering discarding my large collection of astrology books! In the end you grew out of Christianity, and this helped me to free myself not long after. You are an amazing gifted person with such a huge capacity to learn new knowledge, and so quickly! You are highly productive! I really admire you!

    Self discipline has always been my biggest weakness.. Soon I will be able to get your help astrologically! Best wishes to you Simona! Dear Simona, thanks a lot for sharing…. Moon in my first house…according to Indian astrology I am a scorpio and western I am a virgo….

    Hi Simona, I have the sun, saturn, and mercury all in taurus and all in the first house. I was wondering if you could help me interpret this and also help me combat saturn, as I feel it is messing with a lot in my life. Your moral character is firm and you can overcome obstacles by determination. To neutralize Saturn, try not to act on Saturdays too much, especially not do the important things, and also try not to activate numbers 4 and 8 in your life. The whole chart should be taken into consideration but this is most likely to mean that your purpose in life is to figure out who you truly are, and to work on yourself to polish all rough corners.

    Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. Go to: 2nd house — 3rd house — 4th house — 5th house — 6th house — 7th house — 8th house — 9th house — 10th house — 11th house — 12th house The first house is the most important part of your natal chart because it determines in which houses all the rest of the signs and planets will be located. The influence of planets near the ascendant Planets located near the ascendant influence your appearance too. Here are some other significations of the first house, apart from the appearance and general behavior: It can represent the head and face of man, and injuries that might be done to those areas or marks located in those places.

    In horary astrology, a branch of astrology that uses horoscopes to answer all sorts of questions, the first house may signify the masses, a general state of the country about which the inquiry is made. What first house stands for In general, the first house can be described as the House of Self. Meanings of the planets in the first house Here are some characteristics of planets located in the first house, together with examples of planets located in the first house of various celebrities. Good examples of the 1st house Uranus celebrities: An ill-aspected Uranus makes one overly eccentric who is likely to be considered really weird by others.

    Some of the well-known personalities that have Pluto in the first house are: A bad plutonian is someone who tries to gain influence over the masses for evil. Good examples of celebrities with Mars in the first house: A bad martian is a classic a classic trouble-seeker or a violent criminal. Here are some celebrities with Sun in the first house: A prominent and afflicted Sun can make a person domineering, arrogant, proud, and a hater of all people.

    You tend to be polite and sensitive with others, which wins you friends. Also, quite a lot of people with Venus in the first house have narcissistic qualities. Here are some good celebrity examples of Mercury in the 1st house: David Beckham has his Mercury at the last degrees of the twelfth House, thus mercurial qualities are carrying over into the first house.

    Here are some good examples of celebrities with Moon in the first house: The first and third examples especially show the classic white complexion given by the Moon. Finally… I hope you enjoyed learning about the first house significance and how each planet affects your appearance.

    Isabell on October 31, at am. Simona on October 31, at pm.

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    • Thank you very much, Isabell! Moon in my first house…according to Indian astrology I am a scorpio and western I am a virgo… Reply. Honey on October 31, at pm. What if the first house is empty and there is no planet in it?