Now, astrologers Annabel Gat and Aelie Calin are drawing a new prediction from the stars — the way in which you use weed! If you are looking for some insight into your relationship with weed, look no further. These experts explain that the stars can impact the way in which you use marijuana, from what types of highs you should avoid to idea strains.

Read on for more information. Gat reveals that the Earth signs are the biggest stoners.

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They are connected closely with nature, and this creates a tight bond with weed! The time of Taurus even starts on ! Surely that must be a sign!

Best Weed For Your Zodiac Sign

While those born under the sign Taurus enjoy getting high, Calin cautions that it needs to be the right kind of high. Those who were born under the sign of Taurus love food and love to eat, so edibles really appeal to them! Capricorns are workaholics, and their dedication to their careers can cause severe burn out. They use weed as a means of taking a much-needed break.

They prefer sativa over indica because it allows them to maintain full control over their bodies. Calin warns Capricorns to be careful who they are getting high with, however, as the herb tends to make them increasingly vulnerable. Gat explained that for air signs, getting high serves a very specific purpose which is to help them to see situations in a different light.

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Those born under the sign Gemini are incredibly scatterbrained! They love a great party, and when they are high they tend to get a little carried away, talking non-stop and coming up with hilarious one-liners. Libras are the exact opposite of their Gemini buddies. They are insanely organized, and desire a feeling of balance in their lives. They look out for everyone that they smoke with, making sure that everyone is safe and content and refusing to allow things to get out of hand.

Astrology is Fake but Pisceans Love Weed

This need to watch over everyone at all times can ruin their chance to relax and enjoy a good high. These individuals are known for being incredibly deep thinkers, and adding weed to the equation only brings these thoughts even deeper! They live for the relaxation that getting high brings, and are already thinking about it from the moment they wake up, counting down to the end of the work day so that they can grab their stash.

Water signs are highly emotional, and this motivates their need to get high. Cancers are very emotional people, often dealing with an overwhelming amount of feelings that they need to work through.

Cannabis And Astrology: Which Strains Do The Stars Say You Should Smoke? - RQS Blog

Getting high can make these feelings more intense, and often leads to a barrage of phone calls and text messages to anyone and everyone they believe may be willing to listen. That was Her Story, anyway. She said she woke up scratching her head with both hands and she just Knew. Faced with a decision between spending many days dragging little bugs out of her hair with a terrible comb or just shaving her whole head, she went for the latter.

The Best Type of Weed to Smoke For Your Zodiac Sign

She smoked a massive blunt and had some guy at the Backpackers take all her hair off with an electric razor. She did not specify whether they slept together afterwards but I bet you they did. If this had happened to me, I would have been mortified and enraged.

Lice are gross, and I would have taken the whole incident as an assault on my character.

Neptune / Pisces / 12th House Connections To Marijuana and Entheogens Part 1 (Astrology)

The fact that the lice had chosen my head would have meant that there was something wrong with my soul etc. The fact that I had slept with the guy, woken up staring in horror at his sleeve tattoo, would have been irrefutable evidence that I was Bad. This Pisces, though, thought the whole thing was a riot. She told the story to everyone she knew, sitting there with her shaved head and looking somehow like a mermaid. How does a person tell a story about getting lice from a pillow and make it sound cool? Ask a Pisces. I ended up thinking that people who contracted lice were legends, that it showed a great deal of imagination and artistic vision.

Obviously, she had a perfect shaped skull, like a princess. The last time I saw her she was happily waving pot smoke out of her eyes and crying with laughter at a picture of Garfield.

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Not everyone can or should smoke weed. Me, for example. I would absolutely love to be a pothead, but weed is unfortunately antithetical to my temperament. It makes me even more fidgety and distracted than I already am. It makes me feel like this bird.