The Good and Bad Twin

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Some things are banished to the dustbin of history for a reason. Cross-dressing has no direct relation to gay men, though some engage in it. And malady my posterior. Yes things have changed a lot since then but only relatively recently and only in some parts of the world. But the main point is still the same, that Alcyone can have a effeminate influence on men with it strong in their charts. The only appropriate action is to apologize and remove it and not perpetrate it again! Get with the times or get left in the dust.

We should not adapt judgment of yore to now and not adapt judgment of now to yore. We should problematize it when we find it, but to say that Jamie intrinsically belongs to them because he offers us content as-is is asinine: no individual carries the whole weight of the world, and your belief that individual actions affect power structures is neoliberal stupidity rather than real leftism or social justice struggle. Fascinating but, unfortunately, predictable responses to that quote. Well done. The astrological influences are catalytic energies and the quote is a trigger, not only currently, but also through other lives.

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So the energies stir up unhealed, stored and stuck patterns, making them available for releasing and wisdom. The whole thread is a great demo of the beauty of this process. Its a year old quote.

The Dark Side of Gemini

This is ridiculous. It just shows at best your callous disregard for actually reading and understanding the interpretations you are re-printing, and at worst, an intentionally homophobic interpretation of energy and its expression in the human form. To subscribe to such limiting ideals of gender expression and sexuality is limiting to your own practice and ability to guide others. Shame them for speaking up? You should be ashamed of yourself and I will be finding someone more progressive and less Patriarchal to look up astrology from.

Take down the damn quote. Deer Prunus on — you are a bully. You also have no powers of discernment. Why not try to reach for understanding and expanding your worldview to encompass what readers are trying to tell you? I really appreciate you retrieving and citing this rare and ancient source, just I appreciate their calling out its homophobic bias. But I only registered today in order to show my support, after reading these absolutely absurd attacks against you.

Perhaps in the future, you could write a post about any of the longer term, powerful astro influences that seem to be driving our societies into these silly conflicts, all while far more significant problems surround us. I expect this full moon and Mercury retro period to be very interesting. Thank you for your work and patience. Thank you so much.

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Yes I have been thinking about the astrological reasons for the crazy polarity we have seen in recent years. Maybe the Jupiter — Saturn — Pluto conjunctions will reset things, hopefully. Yes be clear being homosexual or pro lbgtq does make you forward thinking and empathetic but NOT authoritatively educated. Temper, temper! There is no homophobic agenda here, as you would see if you read the articles regularly, which have exquisitely detailed referencing.

Your perception is coloured by your personal experiences or perhaps US culture? I stopped being offended by every little undiplomatic comment a few years after leaving the US. Life is too short. And transiting Jupiter at 2 degrees, does it oppose the edge of the conjuntion strongly enough to have any effect? Menu Skip to content.

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Search for:. Full Moon November Astrology. Lascaux Bulls Panorama. November 13, November 28, Jamie Partridge. Now that is so well written. You explained how I felt about this so well.