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In , Uranus in Aries remains your same astral friend the rebel, the novelty, the shock, the revolutionary which will awaken your creativity. This energy has a direct influence on your personality, individuality, it can make you desire more freedom, and find proper environments that can help you highlight your individuality and your need to stand out in a crowd. You have on your side an energy that can help you free yourself from everything old, that keeps you in place, opening the door for something completely new.

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For you, Uranus is a real filter for freedom, which enables you to be yourself, making place for changes, for unexpected, freeing and awakening you in a rapid manner. Everything gets more intense in April-June, both physically and emotionally. This is a good period for making changes, for courageous projects and new actions. Also, if you want to change your workplace or even your profession, now you have a very good chance.

Negative — this negative energy can affect your health; positive — this energy will bring you spiritual release and a new and revolutionary outlook on life. The year is promising to be a good one for the Aries natives, their figure is getting thinner and they will have an appetite for exercising and a healthier diet. The times when they need to take some precautionary measures are April 13 — 30, July 24 — August 18 and November 27 — December 5. If this is not possible, you will strive to cook themselves and they will manage to do it so well that it will reflect on their weight.

February — June and September — October , are ideal months for movement, especially dance or any type of exercising that implies elegance and grace. Also, any sleep disorders can be regulated now, especially if you manage to establish a good balance between exercising and rest. Overall, we can say that all of these are good news, because, by focusing on prevention, their health is going to be great this year. The energy of Aries starts to decrease in June, in two phases.

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First, starting from June 10, their need to sleep will increase, and the lymphatic-ganglionic system will get lazy, which might lead to swollen legs and lymph nodes inflammation. Your reflexes are slowing down, and the emotional balance is at risk of becoming unstable, overwhelmed by insignificant worries. The peripheral nervous system can create issues and they need to rest. Days of maximum risk are July 14 and The Aries natives should not abuse their strength, in order to avoid hypertensive crisis and increased intraocular pressure,.

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Nakshatras Explore the deeper aspects of the human psyche. General: Close. With regards to life in general, today carries great auspices.

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